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Winter in SW Utah

a steam train is coming down the mountain

Kolob Terrace snow fall


Winter Fog

Winter fog at Court of the Patriarchs.

More frequently, winter scenes at Zion consist of a dusting of snow at the tops of the 7,000′ – 8000′ peeks, with fog rolling up the hillsides to lend an additional sense of mystery and awe to a landscape which is already beautiful beyond words. Crowds are gone, leaving the wildlife to enjoy their surroundings without being disturbed. Mule deer roam the river-bottoms, and seem content to stay-put rather than venture away from food and running water.

Mule Deer buck at Zion.

Mule Deer buck.

Tourists are allowed to drive directly up Zion Canyon from the end of October thru mid-March, with shuttles taking over during the peak season in warmer months. This makes winter a great time to visit the park! When you are finished seeing the easily-accessible sections of Zion, give Zion Outback Safaris a call, and we will take you on a private Jeep tour of the “outback.”

For those who can’t make the trip this winter, enjoy the photos and visit soon!


Winter at Zion

Winter at Zion