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Private Zion Jeep Tours

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Adult Ages 13+ | Groups of less than 3 must pay full price
Children Ages 12 and under | Groups of less than 3 must pay full price

Explore the Outback or Mesa Vista on our Custom Zion Jeep Tours!

Zion National Park contains some of earth’s most spectacular scenery, yet the vast majority of its three million annual visitors will never experience Zion beyond a few feet of the pavement. Those who do know that nature’s best kept secrets are reserved for those who venture beyond the well-worn trail.

Our private Zion Jeep tours make it easy to experience many of southern Utah’s hidden treasures. We take the road less traveled to show you places that most visitors see only in photographs, including stunning panoramas and breathtaking overlooks that have remained unchanged for a million years. See thousand year old Native American rock art, maybe an authentic ghost town that became a Hollywood favorite, or wildlife that doesn’t behave like it lives in a zoo.

Our goal at Zion Jeep Tours is to take you away from the crowds within Zion’s Scenic Canyon Drive. We will spend time on either on the west “Mesa Vista” or south end, “Outback” of Zion with spectacular elevated views of the vast landscape of Zion National Park . (see map below)
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