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Zion Canyon Daily Shuttle

a truck is parked on the side of a mountain

With the limited use of the Zion Shuttle system due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, many who continue visiting the park may wonder how to access their desired trails while personal vehicles are not allowed in certain areas of the park. With wait times increasing, Zion Jeep Tours has been approved by the National Park Service as an alternative shuttle service to help you get to your desired destination during these limited service times.

Our safari trucks, which will be used for transportation services throughout the park, seat 12 passengers. Each seat comes equipped with lap belts and offers an additional ride of fantastic views of the park while you travel through the scenic canyon to your stop along the scenic route. 

Details of your Zion Jeep Tours Shuttle Ride

Each Shuttle ticket purchased is for a round trip. We will pick you and your party up in Springdale at the Majestic View Lodge, located at 2400 Zion Park Blvd. Parking, restrooms, gift shop and a restaurant are available at the Lodge prior to boarding. 

All passengers, including children, will need to use lap belts while on our Safari Jeeps. Children who weigh 40 pounds or less will need to have a car restraint (car seat) with them for their ride on the shuttle. Please be sure to check your car seat manual for compatibility with a lap belt.

Shuttle Stops

Zion Jeep Tours will only be stopping at the following Zion Shuttle Stops, so please plan accordingly as to which one is closest to your hike.

Shuttle Stops Include:

  • Shuttle Stop #5, The Lodge
  • Shuttle Stop #6, The Grotto, Scout’s Lookout and Kayenta Trail
  • Shuttle Stop #9, The Temple of Sinawava and The Narrows

Please keep in mind that once you and your party are dropped off in the Canyon, due to the lack of cell service, we will have no forms of communication with you until pick up at the designated pickup location and pick up time slot. 

Shuttle Departure Times

To help provide easier access to the park, we’ve set up three shuttles that will depart and return at staggering times throughout the day. These times are non negotiable, as they provide us with the needed amount of time to sanitize each shuttle before the next shuttle run.

The following shuttle times are available when booking:

  • First Shuttle: Leaves the Majestic View Lodge at 7:30 a.m. MST, with pick up time at 1:30 p.m. MST. 
  • Second Shuttle: Leaves the Majestic View Lodge at 9 a.m. MST, with pick up time at 3 p.m. MST
  • Third Shuttle: Leaves the Majestic View Lodge at 10:30 a.m. MST, with pick up time at 4:30 p.m.


Face masks or face coverings will be required for ALL shuttle passengers as social distancing will not be achievable within the jeep.