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Zion Outback Safaris Inc. Purchased by Larry and Cheri McRae

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About Zion Outback Safaris

Zion Outback Safaris was established in 2003 to provide customers with a first-class outback adventure experience while exploring the natural majesty of Southern Utah’s National Parks, the Arizona Strip, Utah State Parks and parts of the Grand Canyon.  Since its inception, Zion Jeep Tours has hosted thousands of visitors from around the world, visiting the remote places and hidden treasures throughout the region that most tourists only see in photos.  ZJT experienced guides provide interesting information about the geology, wildlife, plant life and human history of the area to enhance guests’ understanding and appreciation for this beautiful region.

Meet Larry McRae

Larry McRae has been involved in recreational back-country exploration, competitive off-road motorsports and the Jeep aftermarket industry for over 40 years.  Most notably, McRae turned a bankrupt Jeep armor brand into the ten-million-dollar industry powerhouse manufacturer known around the world as Poison Spyder Customs in the span of just a few years. Larry then sold the company to Transamerican Auto Parts in 2015.  McRae has a proud history as a champion in competitive rock crawling, Ultra4 rock racing and Baja style desert racing. He is a fixture in BF Goodrich’s and Optima Batteries brand ambassador programs.

“After Poison Spyder, we moved to southern Utah to take it easy and enjoy the natural wonders the area has to offer,” Larry McRae said, referring to he and his wife Cheri’s move to St. George three years ago.  “And we’ve done that,” McRae continued.  “But I’ve decided that retirement just isn’t for me.  I still love Jeeps and the Jeep community.  This is a way for me to still have fun with Jeeps while sharing with the people who visit southern Utah the natural beauty I’ve come to love here.  I also want to provide a service that promotes, protects and provides access to these precious resources.  I want to continue my lifelong interest in responsible stewardship of public lands.  Zion Jeep Tours is the perfect opportunity to pursue all of these interests, while working with a great team of like-minded back-country enthusiasts and professionals.”

About the Purchase

Zion Outback Safaris, Inc. former President, Larry Pugh, is pleased with the company’s prospects under new ownership.  “We’ve poured our hearts into this company and are proud of what it has become.  When we were ready to move on to other challenges, we were ecstatic to turn the reigns over to the McRae’s.  Their proven track record in business development, combined with their lifelong passion for back country exploration and responsible stewardship, bode well for the future of Zion Jeep Tours. I plan to still be involved with special events, location scouting, video production and with developing new branches of services.”

Transfer of ownership is already complete, and the McRae’s have assumed responsibility for the day to day operations.  “We have no huge plans to shake things up,” McRae says.  “There’s a management team and a formula already in place here that works very well.  But we’ll be looking at ways to bring our services to a larger audience, to show the area’s splendor to more visitors from around the world.  Increased growth will benefit the local economy while helping to spread public awareness, educate and provide visitor safety tips.  With a fleet of 7 Jeeps and 4 safari style trucks, we want each and everyone to enjoy their experience in the place we call home.”

Zion Jeep Tours is located in Springdale, Utah, and can be reached by phone at 435-668-3756, by email at [email protected], or through their website.  More information can be found on the company’s website at

About Zion Outback Safaris Inc. dba Zion Jeep Tours was established in 2003 to provide customers with a first-class outback adventure experience while exploring the natural majesty of southern Utah’s national parks, the Arizona Strip and Grand Canyon.  With a team of dedicated guides driving custom outfitted Jeeps and safari trucks, along with strategic alliances with National Parks, helicopter tours and other area vendors, the company provides a menu of exciting back-country adventure opportunities for visitors from around the world.  Through its work, the company promotes responsible outdoor recreation while striving to educate and advocate on behalf of the area’s stunning natural resources.